.ai Domain Names

If you guessed “artificial intelligence,” you nailed it. It’s a standard for science and technology. Fun fact: it’s the country code for Anguilla in the Caribbean. They own it and have made serious money selling this beauty.


Do you have a tech startup, or are you in science? From 3-D printers to nanotechnology, from robots to home security systems, .ai is your extension. Short and easy to remember, this extension signals brainpower. You want to build credibility online, and the choice of this domain extension can help with that.

This extension, like a few others, which is a ccTLD, for the country of Anguilla in the Caribbean, just happens to stand for artificial intelligence. Lucky for Anguilla, whose government owns this extension. Their $50 a year domain fees added up to $2.9 million in 2018 alone. In the case of .ai, it is both a ccTLD and aa gTLD. Google recognizes it as signalling international science and tech.