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.com domain: the original domain

This is the original extension. At first, the .com intended to signify “commercial”. However, anyone can use this and it is the most globally recognized.


The .com domain was born in 1985. The first company to claim it was a computer manufacturer called Symbolics, Inc. At the time, “the network” was just used by universities and computer scientists for research and communication. As it started gaining speed, it became chaotic and disorganized. Enter legendary Jon Postel and University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute who set out principles and shaped the Internet as we know it.

If you don’t know the extension of a website, chances are, you’ll try .com first. It’s top-of-mind everywhere. At first, .com was intended to signify “commerce,” but since has been co-opted by companies, commercial enterprises and pretty much everything else.

It can be challenging to find an appropriate .com for your business, as you don’t want to be too hard to remember ( just for the sake of having a .com and you also want the domain name to have something to do with what you do (don’t do this: for handmade jeans).

What is a gTLD?

A generic top-level domain (gTLD), is the last part of the domain, like .com. Since over 100 million .com domains are registered, icann (the entity responsible for domain names) voted to allow more TLDs to be created. Hundreds of new gTLDs are now available.

Domain name registration

We automatically apply a discount when you register your first .com at GoDaddy. It will only cost $4.99–plus an $0.18 icann fee. Visa, MasterCard, amex, and PayPal are accepted.