.in Domain Names

.in is the ccTLD for India—a fantastic choice if your main audience is in India. It’s also popular because (see Domain Name Fun Facts #3) it’s short, easy to remember and plays well with a snappy domain name.


So, back to word association. .in is the ccTLD for India, but it is also the word “in”. If your target audience is Indian business, this is a fantastic choice. But it’s also a popular domain extension because it is short and memorable—so many options, like close.in, come.in, drive.in...

This domain extension doesn’t signal any particular industry or focus. Many companies use this because of its length. In 2016, more than two million domain names had .in as their domain extension. This might align with your long term plan to take over the world.

Picking a domain and a domain extension is a key consideration. It can make a huge difference with your SEO, rankings, the success of your site, and ultimately your product, service or other goals.