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.de domain: of (.de) Germany

Short, memorable and one of the oldest extensions around. This wildly popular domain extension is the ccTLD for Germany (which is Deutschland in German, btw). Germany has a powerful economy, and it also sets you up for the EU—Prost!


This domain extension is one of the oldest extensions around. Short and easy to remember, it’s the ccTLD for Germany (which is Deutschland in German, btw). For a long time, .de was the second most popular ccTLD after .cn (China). Fun fact: all two-letter domain extensions are for countries. Many of the countries sell their extensions internationally, like Germany with .de.

Again, Columbia makes money off this extension, and as of 2014, more than 1.6 million .co domains are registered. It’s fascinating how an abbreviation’s unintended other meanings or implications can result in significant profits for a country.

Why do you want a .de domain extension? Is your market in Germany and the EU? Germany has a powerful economy, so this domain extension can signal wealth, success and clout. Unlike the extensions that have an association with an unrelated word (.me, .tv), the direct association with this country suggests quality and gravity. In many of the Romance languages (Spanish, French, Romanian and Portuguese), “de” means “of” in English, so many websites in those languages can create memorable domains playing on that, like (love.of).

What is a gTLD?

A generic top-level domain (gTLD), is the last part of the domain, like .com. Since over 100 million .com domains are registered, icann (the entity responsible for domain names) voted to allow more TLDs to be created. Hundreds of new gTLDs are now available.

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