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Domain Extension List

The end part of the web address is the domain extension, also called a TLD (top-level domain). This helps your user to find you and sometimes get a sense of what you do. The most popular domain extensions are also called gTLDs (generic top-level domains)

Think .com, .net, .me—widely used, accessible and familiar. There’s also sTLDs (sponsored top-level domains) for government, colleges and schools like .gov (government), (Harvard) and ccTLDs (country code) for countries such as .us, .nz and .ca. More on that later.

Top Domain Extensions

  • .ai

    If you guessed “artificial intelligence,” you nailed it. It’s a standard for science and technology. Fun fact: it’s the country code for Anguilla in the Caribbean. They own it and have made serious money selling this beauty.

  • .ca

    This is the ccTLD for Canada. You must have Canadian presence to register for this (not common with other countries). Canadians tend to gravitate towards the .ca for purchases. Depending on your target audience, you might want to snap up .com and .ca—win-win.

  • .com

    This is the original extension. At first, the .com intended to signify “commercial”. However, anyone can use this and it is the most globally recognized.

  • .co

    Companies and corporations love this one, but so does Columbia (ccTLD, got it?). There are no restrictions on who can register for .co, but if you are not a company, you might want to skip this domain extension.

  • .de

    Short, memorable and one of the oldest extensions around. This wildly popular domain extension is the ccTLD for Germany (which is Deutschland in German, btw). Germany has a powerful economy, and it also sets you up for the EU—Prost!

  • .io

    “Techs and startups sign up here,” says Google. This is the ccTLD for the British Indian Ocean Territory (an archipelago of 58 islands between Indonesia and Tanzania).

  • .in

    .in is the ccTLD for India—a fantastic choice if your main audience is in India. But it is also popular because it’s short, easy to remember and can tie in with a snappy domain name (see Domain Name Fun Facts #3).

  • .me

    This was one of the fastest-selling top-level domains in history. It is a ccTLD for Montenegro, but for memorability in a name? Who doesn’t want “me”? This one can be a goldmine.