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.ca Domain Names

This is the ccTLD for Canada. You must have Canadian presence to register for this (not common with other countries). Canadians tend to gravitate towards the .ca for purchases. Depending on your target audience, you might want to snap up .com and .ca—win-win.


If your product or service is targeted for the Canadian market, you want this ccTLD. When you tailor an extension to your audience’s home country, the site performs better in that country. People often gravitate towards supporting their markets, and this is the perfect example. Google and consumers prefer local results.

You must have Canadian presence to register for the .ca domain extension. But let’s say your target market today is Canada. What’s your plan for five to ten years down the road? If there’s a chance you might open your audience, you might, if you can, want to snap up .com or another gTLD as well. Unlike some other country’s extensions (.ia, .me for example), .ca means Canada. This can give you a huge advantage over other websites if that’s your market.

What is a gTLD?

A generic top-level domain (gTLD), is the last part of the domain, like .com. Since over 100 million .com domains are registered, ICANN (the entity responsible for domain names) voted to allow more TLDs to be created. Hundreds of new gTLDs are now available.

Domain name registration

We automatically apply a discount when you register your first .com at GoDaddy. It will only cost $4.99–plus an $0.18 ICANN fee. Visa, MasterCard, amex, and PayPal are accepted.