The tools we build and use to make Instant Domain Search fast.

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    Instant Word Segmentation With Rust

    The motivation, techniques, and technical details behind Instant-Segment, a blazing fast word segmenter and the latest addition to Instant Domain Search's suite of open-source tools.

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    An illustration of a globe with different languages

    How To Use fastText For Instant Translations

    How to use aligned word vectors from fastText from to translate words from one language to another instantly.

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    An illustrated megaphone

    Am I Saying That Right? Pronunciation Is Key

    Listening carefully to what users are saying, and listening especially hard for the hacks people come up with can present learning opportunities for us.

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    An illustrated browser window containing the curly braces ({}) used in JSON

    Use Streaming JSON To Speed Up Your Website

    Modern websites are complex, and often need to load data in the background in an asynchronous way. JSON streaming is a simple way to make this happen. Click below to learn how to add JSON to your site and check that it’s working properly.

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    Illustrated servers with red and green lights, towering into the clouds

    Build Your Own CDN On Aws With Route 53

    A CDN works by caching copies of your resources in data centers around the world, called edge servers. But to get new content, a request has to travel back to the origin server, adding latency to the process. In this post, we explain how Amazon’s Route 53 solves this problem.

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    How We Make It Fast

    Curious how Instant Domain Search is able to deliver results so quickly? The site is built using services from Google Cloud and a highly-optimized index from domain name server (DNS) queries. Click below to learn how it works.

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