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Types of Business Names

Literal Business Names

Literal names put a heavy emphasis on the industry, location, or specialty of the businesses they represent. Service-based companies using a literal naming method might pair the service they provide with a qualifying word, their location, or the owner’s name to comprise their Business Name (i.e Top Notch Carpet Cleaners, Seattle Rug Specialists, or Smith’s Carpet Services). Similarly, product-based companies might pair their industry, niche, or product with a literal qualifier (i.e Hamptons Hats or Custom Top Hats NYC).

Branded Business Names

Branded names rely on personality, voice, and values to comprise a business’ title. They are often crafted to specifically resonate with a target audience or evoke a relevant emotional response. Usually less literal, a branded naming method might use adjectives, themes, or metaphors that align with their business personality to create a name. (i.e "Cozy Carpets, Carpet Cleaners", "Rug Kings Seattle", or "Totally Tophats NYC").

Memorable Business Names

Memorable names are designed to stand out, relying on simplicity and uniqueness to create a business title. These names are usually relevant to the business industry or are designed to evoke a feeling of familiarity through themes and metaphors. Sometimes, memorable names are built from non-words, unique spellings, or abbreviated terms to create punchy business titles. (i.e The Rug – Seattle’s Best Carpet Specialists, Tattered – Top Hat Repair NYC, or Paystree – Not Your Average Pastry Shop).

Choosing a Business Name

Choosing a business name is an important and often daunting step in starting a new business. Names help you stand out from your competitors, communicate who you are and what you do, and can establish a connection between you and your target audiences. Here are a few tips for choosing a good name for your business.


Make it memorable

A good business name should be easy to remember and stand out from businesses similar to yours. It should represent your brand and personality and resonate with your target market.


Make it relevant

Your business name should also be relevant to the service or product you provide, or the industry you’re in. This relevance can be demonstrated literally or metaphorically but should signal to your audience the kind of business you’re bringing to the market.


Make it simple

A good business name is simple and easy to spell, avoiding unrecognizable words or complicated sounds that could risk making your company hard to find or share. When possible, use clear and concise language to craft a representative name for your business.


Consider your target audience

Think about the people you hope to connect with through your business name. Consider what they care about and what they are looking for in service or product provider, and include words or phrases that they will find relatable or familiar.


Check for availability

Before you finalize a business name, make sure that it is available to use both legally and online. Check with your local government to see if the name is already in use, and use our instant domain search to see if the domain name and your preferred extension are available for purchase.

Overall, when choosing a business name, the most important thing to do is to pick something you like and that represents your business well. Take your time, explore your options, and make the best choice to set you and your business up for success.

How to Create a Non-Word Business Name

Some businesses might want to make a memorable and unique name by creating a new word. If you want to make up a business name from a non-word, here are a few tips to get you started:


Begin with a root word

Think about a root word that relates to your business or industry. Root words are words that are not only words in their own right, but also form the basis of new words (i.e “Bake” is the root word of “Bakery.”).


Try a spelling change

Alter the spelling of your relevant root word to create a new and unique word (i.e "Bake" could be altered to "Baek" or "Baik."). Take care not to over-complicate your root word or choose hard-to-pronounce sound combinations.


Try adding suffixes or prefixes

Add a suffix or prefix to your relevant root word to create a new word. (i.e the suffix “able” could be added to create “Bakeable” or to your spelling altered “Baekable.”).


Use a thesaurus

Look up synonyms for your root word in a thesaurus and see if any similar words can be combined or altered to create a new word. (i.e “Toast” could replace “Bake,” becoming “Towst”, “Toastable”, or “Towsty”).


Experiment and test

When creating new names, you never know if something might work until you try. Explore various combinations, spellings, and alterations, and test the word by sharing it with others – making sure it is both memorable and easy to spell and share.

In general, the key to using a non-word as a business name is to be creative and come up with something unique while also being relevant and easy. Continue experimenting and testing until you find a word that you like and that fits your business well.

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