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Instant Domain Search was first launched in 2005 by Beau Hartshorne. It is based in Victoria, Canada, and we are constantly working to help you start something new.


Beau Hartshorne founded Instant Domain Search in 2005 and has grown it to help millions of people find names to start their businesses. He built one of the first online image editors, Snipshot, as part of one of the first Y Combinator cohorts in 2006. That led to a role at Facebook where he helped the growth team hit one billion people using the product, helped the photos team modernize and rebuild to support billions of photos, and helped relaunch Facebook’s iOS application to hundreds of millions of devices. Beau recently reset his focus to return to his Canadian roots and grow both his family and his company.


Dirkjan Ochtman caught Beau’s attention when he significantly increased the speed of a command-line utility (built by Tim Bray) using a programming language called Rust. Contributing regularly to the open source community, Dirkjan balances work on the Instant Domain Search team with family time in the Netherlands.


Nick Rempel is a fan of completing problems on the bouldering wall and in front of the screen. Nick began his career as a founding team member of a Y Combinator startup. That led him to start a number of his own businesses, and he continues to fill his spare time with a variety of software projects. He laughs when asked about his downtime – he says “my hobby is working”.


Tim Baker started programming from beaches in Asia where he was training as a Muay Thai fighter. He returned home to Victoria, Canada where he works as a full-stack developer for Instant Domain Search. In his spare time, Tim maintains a popular open source project and continues to train in the Muay Thai style of kickboxing.


Steve Adams began his career in Victoria, Canada as a designer. Frustrated that he couldn’t bring his designs to life, Steve taught himself how to code them. Now an expert user interface programmer, Steve helps bring Instant Domain Search to life when he is not busy diving in the Pacific Ocean or building something in his woodshop.

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