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Domain names explained

What’s a domain name? Basically, it’s a website’s home address. If you look up at the address bar (URL) right now, you’ll see – we’ve highlighted the domain name part. That’s where our website lives. It also helps people like you to find us quickly, and that’s what we want and what you want for your business, right? It’s not just about the business name; choosing the right domain name can be a game-changer. Read on and pick up some handy intel on how to choose the best domain name and extension for you.

Why do you need a domain name?

In short, you can’t have a website without one. It’s your website’s home address. Domain names were invented because websites’ original addresses were just IP addresses and they look like this Now, for instance, Instant Domain Search you can remember, but a series of numbers and dots? Your domain name connects your website to your IP and helps people find you.

What makes up a domain?

Ok. back to our website. The blue, as we mentioned, is the domain name. It’s also called the Second Level Domain (SLD). It’s the name of the business, store, blog, individual, etc. The tail end of the web address is the domain extension, also called a Top Level Domain (TLD)., highlighted in green. This is more about function and is sometimes called the “parent.” But it can be tied in with the SLD to create a catchy name (,,

What does a solid domain name do?

A great domain name is easy to find and attracts your ideal market. It also helps establish a healthy web presence, so you don’t end up lost in cyberspace. As a marketing tool, it can reinforce your brand and credibility. A great domain name with a website is even more potent, as rankings increase with quality content.

Fun with domain names and extensions

Your domain name + your extension can be witty = memorable. For instance, a .me extension could lead to “” or “” In the same vein, .de (“of” in romance languages), or .in can also create top-of-mind addresses.

How to choose a Domain

So many names. There’s a lot to consider. What do you do? What are you selling? If you are selling one thing, will that stay the same in five years? Ten? Being too specific can limit you, but being vague’s no help either. Many spend time brainstorming solo or with business partners. And although most people may type it, how does it sound out loud? How will talk-to-text butcher your particular favorite? Will you be active on social media? If so, do your picks have similar options there? Then you need to check if it’s available. If the extension you want is not, would another work?

How do I purchase a domain?

So glad you asked! Here is a great place to start. We have real-time searches that populate as you type. Find out if your top pick is available. We also advise you what other similar versions or extensions are up for grabs if your preference is not and can connect with services to purchase a domain from someone else. Sometimes a name you hadn’t thought of pops up, and there it is! Your perfect domain name.