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What is a domain name?

A domain name helps people find your business on the internet. Without domain names, customers need to remember a bunch of numbers—like for Instant Domain Search–to find your website. The domain name system—DNS—is responsible for translating the name into the numbers—an IP address—that computers can use to find your site.

Many domain name extensions–like .com, .net, and .xyz–are now available to register. The vast majority of websites and email addresses use .com. There are over one hundred million .com names registered, which is why it is so hard to find a good name.

Every country is also assigned a top-level domain extension (TLD) like .ca (Canada). Some countries govern who can use their TLD fairly strictly, while others—like .co (Columbia) and .io (Indian Ocean)—market their TLDs globally.

Domain name extensions

ICANN, the governing body for domain name endings has allowed hundreds of new TLDs to enter the market. For a number of reasons, .com remains dominant. You can see this selling prices of .com domain names compared to anything else on the market.

Domain names for sale

Some domains are held by individual investors who’ve amassed large portfolios of names for sale. Most are not in use, and are waiting for a buyer looking for the perfect name and willing to pay a premium for a great name.

If a domain name is not renewed, it stops working for about two months before the registrar responsible for it releases it to the public to buy again. If you find a name that’s about to be released, you can buy a backorder service that will try to beat the crowd waiting to register good names that become available again.

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