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Our instant search tool uses artificial intelligence to sort through tens of millions of domains to find the perfect name to buy.

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We work with the largest domain name marketplaces to provide instant results for your searches. For every domain you click, you’ll be taken straight to one of their websites where you can make your purchase. Transferring domain ownership is a quick process, so you’ll be able to use it the same day you buy it.

Domain auctions

A domain auction allows the owner of a domain to list it for sale for a short period of time. Within that window, people can bid what they’re willing to pay for it, with the highest bidder winning. Auction links on this site take you to a marketplace that allows you to bid on or buy a domain right now.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the best place to buy a domain?

There are many domain registrars and websites that will offer basic services for buying and securing your domain. Consider why you are buying, what kind of timeline and budget you can allocate towards the domain, then review fees and renewal policies. Many companies will offer web hosting services or do-it-yourself design features that can be accessed for an additional cost. These are not required to secure your domain.

Are domains a good investment?

Like any investment, the value of a domain is dependent on supply and demand. As with other forms of real estate, there is also an element of maintenance and improvement that can translate to a better return on your investment. Words, length, and marketability are key indicators of value for this type of investment so consider your skill set to increase traffic or authority for your domain name. The more work and patience you can afford to meet the needs of search algorithms, the greater your opportunity will be to profit from this type of investment.

How do I find domains for sale?

There are a number of registrars accredited by the governing body (ICANN) to process the registration of domain names. Both registrars and resellers can help you purchase the domain of your choice. Alternatively, domains can be purchased through broker-type websites and then registered with your preferred company.

Can I permanently buy a domain?

Domains can be purchased for a maximum of ten years as determined by the governing body ICAAN. You can secure your chosen domain and schedule regular renewals by keeping your payment information up to date. Most hosting services will offer reminders for renewal and a grace period anywhere between 30-60 days at no extra cost.

What is my domain worth?

The market rate for any domain is determined by demand. Top-level domain extensions and easy-to-remember words are generally more expensive than country code extensions or less memorable text. Many domain search websites can offer appraisals but the true value won’t be determined until you’ve found a buyer. Make sure your ownership includes public contact information so interested parties can connect with you. When you list your domain on a marketplace be sure to highlight any existing traffic, legacy, or authority your site might command to ensure the highest bid.

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We use the latest AI techniques to sift through millions of domain names for sale with every letter you type. Without it, results would be more like what you might expect from a database where each result would only change by one letter. With AI, you get relevant responses, contextual suggestions, and instant results.

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